Bail Bond Pricing

How much does a bail bond cost?
The amount need to bail your loved one out is called “The Premium” and for bail bonds in the State of Florida it is a rate of 10% of the total amount of the bond. This fee is set by the state and cannot be negotiated. Any bail bond agency that say’s differently is in violation of Florida Law. However, payment plans can be negotiated for up to 24 months.
Florida Bail Bond Rates
The bail bond rate, or premium, in Florida is 10%.  Unlike some other states, this rate is a flat rate and cannot be negotiated.  You may come across other bondsmen who claim they will “discount” the rate; however, dealing with unscrupulous bonds like this may put you and the defendant in a worse situation.  It is always safer to deal with a bondsman who charges the full 10% premium.  Payment plans are sometimes offered on larger bonds.
Florida Bail Bond Collateral
Collateral is something of value used to secure a bail bond.  This can be in the form of cash, credit card, signatures, real property, automobiles, stocks, and other things of value.  If cash collateral is given, it is held in a separate trust account either managed by the bonding agency or the surety company the agent writes for.    If you used a credit card, a percentage fee may be charge on any collateral returned.
The most common form of collateral is the use of an indemnity agreement and promissory note.  These two contacts hold the signers financially responsible for the full amount of the bond on the event of forfeiture.  This is the simplest and lowest from of collateral and is used mainly on smaller bonds.
If property is used for a Florida bail bond, it is in the form of a mortgage.  Most agencies will cover the cost of recording.  When requesting using a home for collateral, we will need to ask you all of the names that are on the deed and the address.  A title search will be performed and if there is sufficient equity in the property, we will prepare the mortgage.   Once the court case is over, a satisfaction will be recorded.