Counties We Serve

Counties We Serve
Call us for immediate bail bond service. Speak to a Florida licensed bail bond agent. In most cases, the bond process takes only minutes to complete!

Pinellas County
Hillsborough County
Pasco County
Manatee County
Polk County


To get the Bail-by-Phone Process started please have the following information:

  1. The defendants full name
  2. Defendant date of birth
  3. County where he/she is being detained
  4. Amount of the bond
  5. and, a major credit card

Offering the entire bail bond process to be completed over the phone, we can quickly expedite the bonding process. This service is available to anyone wanting to post a bail bond. The Bail by Phone service is especially useful for:

  • Out of area persons who wish to bond someone out of jail
  • People who are at work and can not make it to one of our offices
  • Persons who may have a disability
  • Or, anyone who just wants to complete the bonding process from their home

**In the State of Florida, bail bonds are 10% of the total amount of the bond, which is set by the state and cannot be negotiated.**